Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Voice Thread

A really cool site that I have recently discovered and wanted to share with you guys is Voice Thread like to think that I am especially crafty, especially when it comes to paper crafts but I am not. I try to scrapbook. I buy all of the supplies, I pull them all out on the table and then it just sits there. I really have no interest in cutting and pasting!
That's why Voice Thread is so cool...if I've got it right, all you do is post your pictures and leave a voice memo or typed memo to go along with the photo. Pretty awesome huh? For example, if you had a really cute picture of me like this one...You could type in Dawn and Emily's new dog, Duke hamming it up! Or something like Doesn't Dawn look so cute here? You know something like that ;) Just kidding you could do something really great...give dates, names, how you came about getting that dog, how he shed like a mother, how we thought he was going to eat my arm off when I tried to take his bone away, etc...just check Voice Thread out for Christ's sake!


Laura/Curry/2008 Vincy Mas Queen of the Band said...

big f'in dog. didn't you ever learn not to take food away from someone. or something!

falling asleep at the keyboard said...

btw, you got a frickin petting zoo there?