Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fresh Starts with a sprig of mint

Fresh Starts with a sprig of mint

Hello all...I am starting a new blog as my old one was boring! I thought I'd start off by telling you ten things about me.

1. I am 31 and I am a Gemini through and through (just ask around)
2. My favorite favorite foods are green olives and pickles..weird I know.
3. I love all things southern; pecans, peaches and hmmmm ME!
4. I am an editor at a pretty cool place.
5. I have three pets; Max, Raven and Bridgette.
6. I actually do love both Mint Juleps and Sassafras Tea but I also thought that it'd be a damn cool blog name.
7. I have been reading blogs for the past few months and finally decided that my life is cool enough to share.
8. I live in Ohio and I f*****g hate it.
9. I cuss like a truck driver.
10. I am pumped about keeping up with my blog this time and I hope to get some frequent readers.


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