Monday, January 08, 2007

Book Club

My dog Bridgette who was crazy in love with Paul...she's so sweet and she listened so intently, maybe she has aspirations of being a meteorologist...hmmmm!Susan and Pat as the meeting was winding down.
Brooke and Lisa
Paul and Alyson
Paul signing Lisa's book...that's Mr. Paul Fuhr to you!
Angi and Michelle enjoying the talk...
Paul answering Pat's very good questions!
My crazy food named after authors...Here Truman Capote's Chicken Pinwheels

Ernest Heminway's Hummus
Willa Cather's Chocolate Chip Shortbreak Cookies
A crazy mess...
Kirsten, Amelia, and Brooke
Susan and Pat again...
Alyson and Angi
My crazy peeps, Michelle, me in the middle (Dawn), and Amanda

Hello all,

So we had our first book club meeting last night and it went off without a hitch, If I do say so myself ;)

We had all book club members in attendance, except of course our out of state participant, Beth who is in Maine...

I felt like there were a lot of good questions asked and a lot of good answers given...even though I asked everyone to prepare two questions, very few people asked anything but those people had smart, interesting questions to ask.

The author, Paul Fuhr, was great. He was great! Really and I'm not just saying that because I know him. He was inviting and open. It seemed like he was prepared but not overly prepared. He didn't have answers that we've all heard before, he seemed to really want to know what the group thought and boy did they let him know. Paul discussed his personal writing process, which is similar to mine...that we don't write in public. Paul told everyone that the book, Cloudbreaking is the first of a trilogy, which was a surprise to most. He was so generous as to bring us some of his first drafts of this book and to bring us a small but detailed outline of the next book...I won't reveal the title here, but it sounds intriguing. He even talked about himself which was a bonus for those of us who don't know him very well.

In general it was really, really, really good. I was very nervous. I prepared food that I had never made before and I spilled olive oil in the stove and it smelled the house up so badly that I thought the stench would NEVER go away...but it was good. Good friends, good food, and a good book...could life get any better.

So for Beth and anyone else that is interested. Here are some shots of the meeting. Remember I'm no photographer :) Enjoy.

One more thing, then I will really shut Paul's book, Cloudbreaking here...


capello said...

i love hummus. and i really miss pita. sigh.

Isabelle said...


Thanks so much for your contribution to my blog's terrible-name thing. Yours are a worthy contender and might almost be better than Molly's Remember. My Orient seems feeble in comparison!

Just popping in to see your blog - it looks very interesting and I shall be back, but must dash just now. I'm amazed and excited to see that I'm on your blogroll - thank you so much.

IncogKnito said...

I am so sad that I can't be there, but I'm so glad it went well and everyone had fun. You are such a party coordinator and I LOVE IT! I am already more than halfway through the next book and I really want to participate in the next meeting. Thanks for the commentary because it's fabulous! Keep on blogging!

Electra said...

Keep up the good work.