Saturday, February 03, 2007

Between, Georgia

I have just finished listening to the book Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson and I wanted to report to you all that it is a great book. I thought I had reserved the book from the library but somehow I reserved the CD version read by the author and boy am I glad I did. Joshilyn (I believe) lives in Georgia so how great was it to hear her read it in the accent you imagine the characters having. I myself am from Georgia and have long ago long my accent but Joshilyn brought it swimming back to me. The characters in this book are my long lost relatives and gone but not forgotten friends. I sobbed when the book ended, I made Amelia drive around with me to finish listening to it, I even considered a road trip just to listen to more. All I'm saying people is...READ IT!

Buy it here...

or read her blog here...she's pretty damn funny!


Anonymous said...

You know I'm not much for comments and I have read every blog on here...but....I want to read this book. I read her other book Gods in Alabama - Great, great, great. I enjoyed it immensely and have it here if you want to read it. I did pass it on to Brit and planned to give it to Tif, if you want to read it let me know.


Jen said...

what about a book club choice? who's up next and, more importantly, can we twist their arm?