Monday, March 19, 2007

Scrabble Meme---T

Suse over at PeaSoup has assigned me the letter T in the Scrabble here goes...things I like that start with T:

1. Twister
2. Tattoos
3. Tabby Cats
4. Trampolines
5. Trundle beds
6. Turtle doves
7. Twilight
8. Trucks (riding in the back at least)
9. Troubadours
10. Tart-n-Tinys
11. Teddy grahams (cinnamon ones on vanilla or chocolate ice cream)
12. Twizzlers
13. Taboo (the game)
14. Tea (Sleepytime and Honey Lemon)
15. Taco Bell
16. Thanksgiving (and that goes without saying...)
17. Turkey
18. Taffy
19. Tag Sales
20. Tang (only the powder licked off a spoon, not the drink)
21. Tamales
22. Tangerines
23. Taoism
24. Target (don't we all)
25. Tree Houses (if I could live in one I would)
26. Telescopes
27. Typewriters
28. Tea kettles
29. Tea cups
30. TV
31. Tennessee (I was going to go to UT when I graduated High School and just couldn't come up with the money)
32. Terriers (silky)
33. Theatre
34. Tulips
35. Thumper
36. Toast (white with butter only)
37. Tongue twisters
38. Topiary gardens
39. Trees
40. Traveling
41. Topography (I wanted to be a mapmaker when I was a kid)
42. Tortillas
43. Tee pees (built one once with a bunch of girls and it was amazing)
44. Totem poles (goes back to my obsessions with groups of people huh?)
and this one for Amelia
45. Tintinnabulation

1 comment:

Suse said...

Ah teepees. I adore teepees. The people who live down the hill from us at the bottom of our garden have a teepee. Sometimes in summer they sleep in it.