Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ann Arbor

A shot strictly for Jen (cuz' I know she'd have loved this place as much as I did...paper, paper and what?


Ummm, why didn't I know this place existed? Hollander's School of Book and Paper Arts!!!!!!

A shot of our first meal. BBQ sliders and three cheese mac n' cheese...healthy huh?

By the time we got into downtown Ann Arbor we hadn't eaten anything besides what we had on the road so this was the first place that we came upon...their menu was posted on the window, it all sounded great and the food was scrumptious:)

Grizzly Peak Brewing Company ---eat and be merry!

A couple of shots from the Ann Arbor Botanical Gardens...

My sliders again....yummy! $1.95 each on the appetizer menu...we got 6 of these and the mac n' cheese to split and it was plenty and quite cheap.

Passing the football stadium.

So all in all we had a good time...I picked Ann Arbor for its more than 30 independent book stores...we went to about 8 of those and they were great...smelled of old books and cigars. We also visited Kerrytown which was great (not much parking but good shops and great food. We were told by so many people that we had to go to Zingerman's Deli and boy were they right...that's some good stuff.

I got the #76 Thad's "Yes I Can!"Grilled Amish chicken breast, Wisconsin muenster cheese, roasted red pepper sauce & lettuce on grilled sourdough bread. $9.50 / $10.99 (the small one and it was amazing!) Amelia got the #27 Pat & Dick's HoneymoonerSmoked turkey breast, Wisconsin muenster & sweet-hot honeycup mustard on grilled challah bread. $10.50 / $11.99 (small as well) Amelia couldn't even eat this because the mustard made her eyes water but all in all it was great food.


Anonymous said...

that store looks awesome. I am so turned on by paper and office supplies!

Jen said...

so did you pull down a sheet of each of those beautiful papers and then roll around on them? good.

and man!
that bbq looks awesome!

IncogKnito said...

I'm pretty hungry now. Can you mail me something yummy to eat?