Thursday, April 05, 2007

Best MEME ever...

You google YOUR NAME and the word NEEDS in Quotes. Like mine was "Dawn needs"

here's what I got...

"Dawn needs"

1. A reality check
2. a tripod (what the hell is a Tripod?)
3. to get over herself (true 'dat)
4. A headcount before Thursday
5. A screamer (again what the...)
6. Some man on man action (HA one of my favorites)
7. a band
8. Some flextime
9. To be on TV Land
10. Hair to hang over her right eye (I already got that going for me)
11. To get out of the house
12. To get fired
13. A banana
14. Music and a mochalatte
15. a serious dose of some Led Zeppelin and AC/DC to get her back into the groove. (that made me smile)
16. you!
17. to come back to Texas
18. to settle down because she has alot going for her
19. a tummy tuck
20. to start checkin' her girl because it looks like shes the one playin dawn (What? Dang!)
21. psychoanalysis (again HA)

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Anonymous said...

Here's mine. I don't usually do these, but I'm sure that someone knows what I need and I was right.
1. to stick to the rules today, tomorrow and forever. ( don’t need no stinkin rules)
2. bodies to help set up the tables.
3. the money from the bakery because she persuaded her parents to buy her a Volkswagen convertible.
4. to be clear about her fixed and variable costs.
5. sponsorship to fulfill her dream. (see 24)
6. this job.
7. some laxatives. (maybe so)
8. needs her Supremes.
9. to out-process in Georgia for a couple of days. (somebody has been keeping up with my schedule, leaving on Wed)
10. several dozen committed volunteers. (again who’s been stalking me)
11. blood sugar.
12. a drink. (sweet tea)
13. to do some research. (see somebody is stalking me and they know about that paper I’m supposed to be working on)
14. six months to study.
15. some brain surgery.
16. to wake up. (see25)
17. to develop systems to create more accurate briefs.
18. the county’s tax I.D. number.
19. a spanking. (kinky)
20. to get off the show cause she can’t dance or sing. (my feelings are hurt)
21. a waterfall to be remembered.
22. to do herself a favor.
23. your votes.
24. a sugar daddy. (definitely)
25. more naps.