Monday, April 02, 2007

Literary Journal

A locally run publishing house has its second edition of its literary journal up and running. Issue 2 of Paradigm is now available for you to take a gander.
Here's the announcement:

Rain Farm Press has launched their second issue of Paradigm, its quarterly art and literary journal. The April issue proudly features contributions from legendary cinema illustrator Drew Struzan, acclaimed singer-songwriter Glen Phillips, award-winning extreme weather journalist Warren Faidley, national bestselling novelist Raymond Benson, and Hugo Award-winning author Charles Stross. Also, Paradigm is launching a brand-new Stage & Screen section, complete with three wildly different screenplays, including a crime-noir take on the superhero genre.

Did I mention that you can access it here....
Go, Read, Enjoy, Bask in the glory of some damn good writing and art!

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