Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Another great weekend was spent with the Woodward's at their amazing Bed and Breakfast, Hallauer House. We spent tons of time by the pool, eating the amazing food Joe grilled, and teasing the kids. It was a really nice night, followed up by a visit to the Oberlin College Campus for their illumination night, a night before graduation where the whole community comes together to celebrate...with thousands of these colored lanterns strung through the square, and art show from the local high school kids, and home made pieces of pie...man I wish I had gone to Oberlin College, such a beautiful town with wonderful citizens...what more do you need than a local pizza place, Lorenzo's, a great coffee shop, and one theatre that is still $3.00 and shows only one movie at a time!

The Oberlin High School art show.

From the back, Paige, Emily, and Brooke! I promised I wouldn't put their pictures on here, hmmmm guess I lied ;)

The girls D & M...lounging and tanning.

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