Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Pet Post

I've decided to write a quick post about our pets. This first picture is of our dog, Bridgette. She is about 15 years old and we've only had her for a few years. We sort of inherited her when Amelia's grandmother passed away and boy are we glad that we did. Bridgette is the sweetest, most loving dog. When we brought her home with us I had never had a dog before so for me I was very excited and having her has been nothing but rewarding.

Next, we have Max shown here and his sister Raven shown below. These two cats were Christmas gifts to me from Amelia awhile back. I asked for one little kitten and she came home with two. When Amelia went to see the kittens she originally was going to get Max for me but while she was looking at him and the others running around, Raven crawled into the cat carrier and fell asleep. Needless to say Amelia couldn't split them up and she couldn't just leave Raven there to possibly get hit by a car so I got both for Christmas :)

Here's Raven...she's the one who crawled into the cat carrier making her way into Amelia's heart first. Which is probably why she likes Amelia much better than she likes me. She can be sweet though...

This is Charlotte, she is the newest and youngest addition to our pet family. Amelia got her last October from her sister for her birthday. Charlotte is very, very, very cute but she is crazy. I have so many scars from this little kitten.

Something that is especially cute about her is that the tip of her tail is bent in the shape of an L. The vet says he thinks she was attacked by something in the woods (where she was found) and that it had a hold of her tail and it was broken with her trying to get away.

Two more cute shots of Bridgette.

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