Friday, June 08, 2007

No Confidence

Ever since I put up the post about wanting a t@b camper for my birthday I have been getting harassed, by you, my so called friends...I've heard, Dawn, you do not like dirt, you blow dry and flat iron your hair every other day, you are not the campy type of girl...well here are a few little known facts:

1. I can put up and take down a tent in about 5 minutes and not a pop up tent.

2. I can build a fire in two minutes lie, I've been timed.

3. On said fire I can make you about 10 one pot, good ass meals...meals that will make you drool and wish I was your woman.

4. I can tread water in my clothes for 15 minutes and then take them off IN THE WATER and tread for another 30.

5. I had my license in small water craft safety.

6. If you capsize your boat, I can save your ass or at least yell the directions out to you.

7. I can read a compass.

8. I can tie a few different knots!

9. I have white water rafted at a level 5 with 6 teenage girls without a guide on a raging river.

10. I have gone spelunking with another 12 girls, who were scared out of their minds but were fine when I gave them a pep talk.

11. I have comforted homesickness, poison ivy, and broken hearts all around a campfire...

12. I know about 200 camp songs...silly, serious, and fun ones and could probably remember about 50 more than that!

13. I survived 8 summers of sleeping in a platform tent from early June through late August.

14. I trained about 65 people in wilderness skills for 6 of those summers and they all survived to tell the tales.

15. I've driven 15 passenger vans all around the state of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana filled with singing 10 year olds.

16. I've successfully called barn owls.

17. I've led creek hikes and smeared my face with mud.

18. I've pulled off a pow wow, complete with Native American names for 20 girls!

19. I've completed both high ropes and low ropes courses about 10 times.

20. I've showered butt naked in a communal shower and thought nothing of it.

21. I've ran almost a mile with a girl in my arms who poisoned herself by brushing her teeth! with bug lotion

Shall I say more?

Now what b**ch*s!

and Laura if you read this can you please back me up (as a previous camper of mine) and tell me if I've forgotten anything...geez Louise people give me some credit!


capello said...

first of all, you rock.

second of all, you're getting hate mail too? gah. freaking trolls.

Former Camper Laura said...

i was just about to ask how many of those i was in and then realized about 15 of the 21. and to top it all off, many of those skillz i also possess because of you. and yes you can be my woman anytime. ;-D

Jen said...

while i totally back you on the "you can camp with the best of them" tip, i don't know that you'd really like the tab once you're in it. i totally drooled over them too - trust me - but aren't they totally tiny inside? like can't-stand-up tiny? oh wait though - it's me that's claustrophobic, not you. never mind - get one! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Shamrock!!!

I was thinking about you this week because every week I listen to NPR's THis American Life and the topic was summer camp. Then I remembered that you have a blog and I read it and you were talking about camp. It was so fun! Anyways I just wanted to say hi and thanks for being part of my memories at camp. I miss camp so much sometimes I wish I could be there right now instead of this office.

I'll be in touch!

IncogKnito said...