Friday, July 27, 2007


On rainy, cloudy, humid days like today I wish I could stay at home and listen to Alison Krauss, in particular Ghost in This House. I want to be wearing jeans, a t-shirt, tennis shoes, a hoodie. Making a difference to someone or doing something useful. I’d like to be planting a garden, or shopping at a farmer’s market, hanging out at the library, teaching a child ways to be good to the earth…anything other than this.

I have been sitting at work for the past week and a half just reading. Yes, I know I work for a publisher but still, no one can read for 8 hours a day and stay awake or get anything out of what they are reading.

I guess in general I am feeling unsatisfied and in general bored.

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IncogKnito said...

You need more happy blogging time. And maybe a gin and tonic. ;)