Friday, August 03, 2007

C is for:

C is for two things...the first being Coca-Cola of course. Coke (not diet or caffeine free) has been my favorite drink my entire life! Being a Georgia girl you must love Coke and no other pop exists...all drinks are called coke and you must, must, must begin drinking it at birth ;)

The other thing is the now defunct Camp Crowell-Hilaka in Richfield, Ohio. I worked there as a Unit Assistant, Unit Leader, Trip Director, Unit Director, and eventually Assistant Camp Director. That was one hell of a place. One day I'll post more about it but I'm just not feeling it today.

Have a great weekend peeps! We are on our way to Oberlin and Cleveland where we will be eating at the Melting Pot (yummy), going to hear some great classical music at Blossom, and I will be doing the final fitting for my bridesmaid dress! WOOHOO!

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