Wednesday, August 15, 2007

G is for:


If I ever get pregnant Grayson will be the name of our son or daughter. It may be spelled differently for a girl but Grayson it is. I think we've also settled on middle names.

Grayson Evenia for a girl (Evenia, was my grandmother's middle name) or
Grayson Worth for a boy (Worth for someone else in my family) the boy's middle name is still up for debate...the other two options are Grayson Eli or Grayson Emmerson, also family names.

I know two of our friends already hate it but what do you think?


capello said...

i like it!

emmerson is a family name for us too and we may use it if we ever have another boy. (which, oh my gawd, another child will KILL me)

daysgoby said...

I like it! My family name is a dutch two-name thing, unsuitable for using, but I love the idea!

L said...

i like them all

IncogKnito said...

I think they're beauitful names. They're original and Grayons isn't difficult to pronounce. Love 'em.

Anonymous said...

I think that they all work
Worth is your great grandfather,
Emmerson was Worthy's middle name and our Uncle Delberts too.
Eli is further back in the tree but i can check where if you want me too there's just tomany people between in my
I love Evenia too.

Anonymous said...

I like Grayson. What would you use for nickname?

Anonymous said...

Gracie for a girl
Gras for a boy?? hmm...i'll have to think about that.
My grandfather's first name was Florian, hence the reason we chose his last name, Grayson...He hated it too and went by Ed (Edward was his middle name.) -Amelia

Isabelle said...

I'm interested that Americans often choose unusual names like that. Here, boys tend to be Robert or Thomas or Peter or some other standard boy's name - or something more Scottish such as Alastair or Fraser or Donald.

And yes, you can "write" on interactive whiteboards with your finger. I think.

Jacklyn Hyde said...

Grayson Eli has poetry within it. It's much better than Babette or Florence, which were the family names my parents did NOT chose for me. You have better material!