Monday, August 20, 2007

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Incredible! Yesterday Amelia and I took her niece Maya to the Columbus Zoo. Now I am not a fan of the zoo, it's just not my thing, I think it's cruel, and in general I don't enjoy seeing parents smack their kids when they are running around or watching grown men clap their hands (OVER AND OVER AGAIN) every time they get near the cages to get the animal's attention...fucking annoying! was pouring when we arrived, it tapered off and then rained again as we were leaving. The rain cooled the day down considerably and we actually had a great time, despite our frozen egg rolls :) The weird thing is that apparently when it is raining the animals all come out to enjoy it. I cannot count the number of times that we've been to this zoo but I can tell you that most of the animals that we saw have NEVER (and I am not exaggerating) NEVER been out when we've been there! That black bear and the lion were right there, had there not been any cages or glass we could have hugged them...the bear was so incredibly cute, just relaxing in the mud!

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