Wednesday, September 05, 2007

L through Z

So my friend Laura, who is serving in the Peace Corps, and whom I love dearly is pressuring me to finish the alphabet posts...since she was so very sweet about it...I will do so now :)

L is for: Library School which I am attending right now!

M is for: Meat, I am a big fan of meat! I think growing up in the south you have to be.

N is for: Necklaces, I love, love, love necklaces and I own quite a few but I never wear them. I just enjoy looking at them.

O is for: Olives, my very favorite food is green olives.

P is for: Peaches. When I was a little girl growing up in Georgia, it was amazing to be able to pick peaches in almost every one's backyards. P is also for one of my favorite sites.

Q is for: Quiet, I love it to be dead silent when I am reading, which is quite often.

R is for: Ray, my friend Aksana's nickname...she lives in Belarus and I miss her very much.

S is for: Southern settings in books, I just realized last night that whenever I read a book that is set in the south, it immediately makes me think of moon pies...weird right? The chocolate ones only. I was telling Amelia how they only have chocolate and yellow...what flavor the yellow is I have no clue, I felt like a child saying yellow instead of a flavor but that's how we always referred to it, you'd go to the store to buy a moon pie and you'd specify chocolate or yellow!

T is for: Tongue piercings, I had my tongue pierced many moons ago. I think I actually had it pierced for about 5 years and then had to remove it for a surgery and never put it back in, I can still see the hole in my tongue.

U is for: Umbrellas. My favorite umbrella is one that I got on clearance at Target, it has butterfly postage stamps all over it.

V is for: Volkswagen's...I have always wanted one terribly!

W is for: Water, and my fear of it. When I worked at the Girl Scout camp, Crowell-Hilaka, we always had groups of girls there who had signed up for trips, one of the trips that I led was white water rafting, on the Youghiogheny, it was horrible. They got us mixed up with another GS group and instead of sending us on a level one (easy) they sent us on a level five (the hardest level there is) we all nearly drowned. We were told not to wear jewelry, but I had a ring that I never took off and so I left it on, one of the many times that our boat flipped, my foot got wedged between two rocks and the white water was crashing down on me, the guide didn't see me at first but then he saw the sun shining off the ring and was able to pull me out. Needless to say I've never been white water rafting again and probably never will.

X is for: X-Rays, they creep me out. Whenever I see the sign that says if you could be pregnant please tell our X-Ray tech, I want to tell them that I could be (even if it is not possible) just to get out of it!

Y is for: Yellow, the color we've painted the nursery.

Z is for: the Zoo, if you read a few posts down you will see some cool pics. from our recent trip to the zoo.

love ya, Laura!


"say it loud, i'm black and and i'm proud!" said...

haha so funny. thanks for the shout out. anywho... was i on the trip with you? my brain is fried. it takes me forever to remember who half the camp people on that one website.

Anonymous said...

Yellow moon pies are banana ones but i don't think they taste like banana? jo