Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Wedding

So the wedding was a success, there was no case of a runaway bride or groom, none of the bridesmaids fell while walking down the aisle or into the reception (including me, although my shoe kept getting caught on my damn dress, and we remained a fairly dry faced wedding party despite the fact that we were so very happy for Megan and Chad.

Here I am cheesing it up with my bouquet...can you believe I got my nails done? I am so not a manicure kind of gal!

Next, the bride and groom...both looking lovely and in love...the best part was the rehearsal when the pastor told them they needed to kiss for at least 3 to 5 seconds and Megan could not stop laughing, during the ceremony you could totally see Chad counting down the seconds of that kiss :0

And finally the bridal party, all looking lovely if I do say so myself. We got our hair, makeup (yes I had some on people!) and nails done at Charles Penzone's was quite a morning of nerves, excitement, and happiness.

In the end all was well, we left home around 9:30 am and got home around midnight and damn was I tired but all in all besides the feet about to fall off from those heels it was a great Saturday!

When I receive some other pics. I'll put them up, I'm sure they won't be as dark as ours.


Anonymous said...

I wish for the happy couple many, many great years to come. Plus the bridalparty is really cute too.
Imagine being told by any one how long to kiss for, Very funny.Jo

laura's living in the hottest place on earth said...

Aww you're glowing! congrats to the friends.

IncogKnito said...

You look purty! OH, and I don't know if I already said CONGRATULATIONS! But...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!