Wednesday, October 31, 2007

200th Post

So we're back...and how appropriate that this would be my 200th post! We had a great time celebrating Amelia's birthday!
First we had dinner with all of our friends at her favorite Mexican Restaurant, El Vaquero. I had a great plan for the cake since I didn't want to ruin the surprise, I'd order it and Alyson would pick it up...what a disaster...of course Alyson and I did our parts but Kroger misspelled her name...grrrr they spelled it something like Ameoia, when Alyson picked it up the girl said the person who writes on the cakes was already gone for the day and that they were out of orange icing to fix Alyson compromised took some yellow, went behind the counter at the grocery store and Voila...Happy Birthday Amelia!
The cake...

Amelia and the hat!

The girls on the right side of the table!

The girls on the left side of the table!

Megan and Chad! Our newlyweds :)

The obligatory shot of Shane and I...we have so many pictures of this pose that it's ridiculous!

and then it was off to rainy, cold ass Seattle. Oh, and thanks to my sister JoJo and my mom Mary for the new digital camera that they got us as an early baby shower gift...we tested it out in Seattle!

Seattle was good. The day we arrived, around 8:45 am it was cold, rainy, and they were having a wind storm so there was no power anywhere...including the B&B we were staying in which pretty much sucked. We stopped at a nearby cafe to warm up and were told if we wanted something cold they had it otherwise we were out of luck...grrrrrrr...not a good first impression!

Our first shot of the fairy to Alaska, we were planning on taking a cruise to Vancouver but with me being knocked up and we didn't think it would be very pretty ;)

Amelia at Puget Sound

Dawn at Puget Sound

Our first glimpse of Seattle's skyline...cloudy and overcast but a damn good skyline! This is only about 1/3 of it.

Amelia being eaten by this creepy pink vine/ivy thing that was growing out of everything...walls, the ground, buildings....eek creepySeattle's glass museum in Tacoma.Some cute glassblower dude, they were making a vase.Pike's with Amelia lookin' so very cute, and so very warm in MY SCARF :)Me in front of Snoqualmie Falls...beautiful place.

My favorite shot of the bunch, this is a snow capped mountain.The best shot of the space needle that we got, taken from the water tower near our B&B in Capitol Hill.

Overall, we had a really nice time...despite my breakdown on the first night we were there. We slept a lot, ate a lot (including something called Taco Time, take my advice and skip it if you are in the neighborhood) and in general laughed a lot and just enjoyed ourselves...not a bad trip for 10 dollar tickets...courtesy SKYBUS!

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Anonymous said...

okay so i have to say that i love the camera and the pictures that it takes, try shaking a little to get a ghost, I can't do it on this one. The sky line with the space needle looks so cool but i would love the waterfall best..