Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm Reed Fish

So I don't usually talk about movies on here because my kind of movies aren't everyone's cup of tea but I am a HUGE fan of the romantic comedy...HUGE!

This past weekend Amelia's little sister was visiting us and we decided that sine it was cold and late we'd just get movies from that Pay Per View thingy on cable...which we've never done before...mostly because we are lame and we never even remember we have it.

So on Saturday night we watched Hot Fuzz, Amelia is a huge fan of this movie and Shaun of the Dead, which weirdly enough I also enjoyed but we also rented Wild Hogs. Mostly because Emily thought this was one of the funniest movies she's ever seen...well she was wrong...Wild Hogs is like an updated version of Grumpy/Grumpier old men...BORING!

Anyways onto Sunday and the day I was supposed to be doing homework HA so I was all alone and I decided to PPV I'm Reed Fish, mostly because I've been wanting to see it and because Alexis Bledel is in it. Now I'm pretty sure most of you have never even heard of this movie but alas I must be exposed to the more eclectic movie options because it has been on my to do movie list for awhile now. I was so diappointed...the only good things were the cute girls, no cute boys and the soundtrack...I love the soundtrack...I must have the soundtrack. So I went onto Amazon.com pretty much right away to purchase said soundtrack and the only option was an MP3 download...what the hell? Ok, so to my technologically advanced friends...I have an IPOD is that an MP3 player? If yes does anyone know how I'd buy it from amazon.com and then get it on my IPOD? Grrrrr this is crazy and it is making me feel old, I just don't get it.

Anyhoo, go out and get the soundtrack yourself or if I can figure out how to buy it I'll burn ya' a copy...that I can do :)

Oh and I didn't reread this so I hope it makes sense.


Laura, the surgical dummy said...

glad to hear you are back and had a great time. cute baby. i'll be coming home soon for gallbladder removal, so maybe we can get together. irie!

Jen said...

yep - that's an mp3 player. if you download the tracks to your computer then, you can plug in your ipod and drag them over. better yet, if you plug in your ipod first and then purchase the tracks from the itunes store, i think they go right in there. all this is from a person who doesn't have an ipod because i'm too cheap but that's how my un-apple mp3 works. :)