Saturday, November 24, 2007


Thanksgiving was really good. We decided to go on up to both Wooster and Oberlin despite our sick pup and drove for 4 hours on Thursday night just to get 2 hours north...what a pain in the ass! Despite the ridiculous drive we had a good time! The food was even better than last year, the kids a year older so they drove me a little less crazy :) and the weather held out for our drive. It did snow a bit on T-day but it was wet and didn't stick to much of anything.

I of course left our camera in my bag overnight in the car and the next morning I thought I had killed it (it's fine now) so no photos from the day to share...oh except this foggy one of Duke staring at me because I apparently was making too much know breathing and all...while he was trying to nap! You probably can't tell but he has his little chin resting on the footstool that goes with the chair I was sitting in...too cute!


Laura, w/ a piece missing. said...

glad to hear your's went well. call me sometime, now that i got it removed i am so much better.

Grace said...

Dawn! Come visit my blog! You won a runner-up prize!