Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's a Girl.

We had our very successful ultrasound where we found out that come May we will be having a healthy baby girl. She is currently a little over a pound and about 13 inches long. We couldn't believe it and I was actually a bit disappointed as I was sure it was a baby boy...oh well we'll take off to convince Amelia that the room should be painted pink or lavender :)

Here she is yawning...

and here's her tiny foot


daysgoby said...


It's so amazing how big they get from twenty weeks on - just think, she's over half-way done in there!

She's gorgeous!

capello said...

a girl! a girl! congratulations!

Jen said... darn sweet.

dubs said...

So f'in awesome! I like lavender, more soothing than pink.

Anonymous said...

Okay,so i was totally off and i can say that now, but i know that my niece is going to be GREAT.
Congats. Jojo