Monday, February 04, 2008

The Room

So I've been promising my sister and a few others I'd post pictures of the baby's room as it is now...and I am finally getting around to doing it. Mostly people wanted to see the room so they could plan for the colors of their gifts which is just fine with me. Our colors are yellow (the walls), white (the wood trim), blue, green, and red...the other stuff...enjoy the photos!
The crib and the changing table... the yellow in the room

The messy built in bookshelf that is driving me crazy! Those little suitcases are the blue and green we are using.

The art that we bought in Seattle for the room...the red in the room.

My favorite onesie so far!

The silly light switch I made for the will be changed :0


Anonymous said...

I love the room and think that its going to be a great place to grow up in.Plus i like the light switch.

Anonymous said...

Don't change the light switch!!! It's adorable :)

Isabelle said...

Hi Dawn. Pretty room!