Friday, February 22, 2008

Turtle Speed

Things here are moving at turtle seems like we have so little time left before this baby arrives but some days it feels like we just found out we were pregnant!

We've registered, painted the room, bought a few things for decorations, signed up for a birthing class, and basically have done everything we can to prepare and are just waiting. Last night I was having the worst Braxton-Hicks contractions I've had so far...I couldn't even sit down on the couch because it was too soft :) And I've started getting this new odd sensation in my upper back...whenever I squat to feed the cats or pick something up I get a tingle straight up my spine and then it spreads across my upper back and shoulders into little pops of itchiness...very odd. Luckily I've been in the kitchen each time it has happened with scissors nearby to stick down the back of my shirt and ease the itchiness but it is the weirdest feeling ever.

Baby Girl No Name is active and heavy and makes her presence known to Amelia and I everyday...she rolls and flips around as if she is a ballerina or an ice skater and is practicing for the Olympics...she's crazy. It's odd for me since I am in general fairly small...I weigh a ton but I have a fairly small frame, 5 feet tall, no hips, so yeah this is quite the experience for me...sometimes it feels like she is stretched out from hip to hip!

We've narrowed our name choices down to our top five so feel free to let us know your preferences. If I knew how to add those vote buttons I would totally do that but I have no desire this morning to attempt to figure it just tell us what you like...the middle name is Evenia (my grandmother's middle name) go ahead sound it out, say it out loud, write it down, and vote, vote, vote!

1. Grayson
2. Lorelei
3. Layla
4. Emmerson
5. Annalice

Have a great weekend everyone!


daysgoby said...

Hmmm. Is that EVE-nia (almost like evening?) or E-V-nia?

It's a pretty name!

Anonymous said...

Okay after careful thought...

My vote is for Grayson and Brittany likes Emmerson.

Katie said...

I'm torn between Lorelai and Grayson....Whose last name will she have?

Sargento Pimiento said...

Hello lovely!

I like the names Grayson or Emmerson!

Is your list in any particular order? If it is - then Grayson is cool at the top! :)

SO excited for you! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sarah says in this order:

Annalice (spelling might get people confused to say ann alice)
then Emmerson

I thought Grayson was being saved for the boy . . .

Anonymous said...

So I love them all, I can see holding Grayson for the son that ya'll are going to have and i love Emmerson Evenia but i know that what ever you decide will be great and very fitting. Love ya, jojo

Paul said...


Anonymous said...

Megan says she picks Emmerson Evenia.
she also says that she's not sure what she would name a boy but she loves Grayson but the middle name is what would make it.
Love ya jo

Anonymous said...

Okay so everyone here says Emmerson, EXCEPT for Lloyd
says that you should name her
Ilyana Evenia Woodward
Illyana Evenia WOodward
he doesn't care how its spelled but this is his thoughts and thinks that you should just listen to him. I kind of agree that i like the way this sounds too.
Love ya, jojo

Isabelle said...

Goodness, couldn't possibly vote but thanks for your visit to my blog all the same. I'm used to British names like Emma and Laura and the names you've chosen sound very exotic to me. My only advice would be to choose something that people can spell or she'll spend the rest of her life spelling it over the phone and in class. But maybe that's just the teacher in me speaking and that's no help because it doesn't apply to any of them. So ignore me.