Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sealed Tight

So the verdict from the doctor is that nothing is happening with the baby. I am closed tight and high and hard....great, I say, just great :(

Next week get an ultrasound to see where she is, her size, we'll know then if we need to schedule a c-section.

Funny story, we are delivering at a new hospital in town and they are a hi-tech, paperless, family oriented hospital...there are no visiting hours, you can have a pager to be paged if something exciting is happening like baby's first bath, there are two flat screen TVs in every room, and you can order food to be delivered to your room at any time...just like room yeah fancy. But today we had to go into Labor and Delivery Emergency on doctor's orders and were greeted at the main entrance by the "greeter" who walks you wherever you need to go...on the way from the 1st floor to the 2nd she proceeded to tell us about a woman who had delivered her baby the day before and had been told, just like us, that it was going to be a girl...and lo and behold it was a boy. Now in general...I'd think that was funny...but three weeks before I am due to have a baby that I am told is a girl, has girl clothes, a girl room, etc...not a great story...I wanted to knock her out! Maybe it's just the hormones ;)


SelimaCat said...

What hospital/luxury hotel is this??? It sounds dreamy!

And my MIL LOVED to tell me about all the people she knew who were expecting one sex and got the other, and wasn't that hilarious? Yeah, really hilarious. I wanted to hit her.

Katie said...

What is this new hospital? I am jealous.

Jen said...

you must have an inappropriate-pregnancy-talker magnet in your ass...remember that lady in the elevator at grant?

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Dawn! you are on the home stretch! I love the name Grayson!
from Jo's Sue