Saturday, July 05, 2008

The 4th

We attempted to enjoy our first 4th of July with the wee one but were unsuccessful. She wasn't down with the loud bangs or lights so we watched a bit of it from the bedroom of one of Amelia's aunts until we went in search of the quietest room which turned out to be the most of Baby G's first 4th was spent looking upon a sea/dolphin themed bathroom. Otherwise it was a great time, good food, fun people, the best donuts that I have ever had (Lerch's)!

This pic. isn't from yesterday but I wanted to put one on here for fun :) This is a recent family photo!


daysgoby said...

Y'all look so happy!

Happy Fourth, and happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I love this shot of the 3 of you, and as i remember for the longest time yu hated the 4th and loud noises.
Love ya'll jo

Paul said...

We had the same experience the other night. Turns out, Bexley has a fireworks display of their own and it's a *real* one. Seeing how we live directly behind Capital University, where they were launching all manner of horsetail, willow, and crysanthemum fireworks, it was difficult to put Elliott to bed. We were so close that the acrid smell of burning fireworks and ash swept through our neighborhood, and each burst rattled the windows. Needless to say, Elliott and I were cranky boys.

shane said...

This is a totally great photo! I love it!

Jen said...

have you lost weight? this is a great pic!