Saturday, September 20, 2008

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So as most of you know or experienced for yourselves, central Ohio lost power for days...I mean really, no exaggeration, fucking DAYS! It was bad, really bad. And now imagine if you will, 4 straight days of evening darkness with a 4 month it, now multiply that by 100 and you'll have an idea of how shitty this past week was. Not only did we have no power, no light to wipe dirty butts by, but I also missed the season finale of Big Brother! Big Brother is my favorite summer, no stress, laugh out loud at others show and I was pissed...grrrrrrr!

Goddammit Ike, my name is not Tina Turner get off my back!


Anonymous said...

Okay, So it sucked..Do you know who won yet?? I watched a day late because of eureka. But, now down to living with out lights because of 36 inches of snow over night...
GET out the camping gear, light, stove and the light does a great light up job. break out those books that i know that you have and just sooth baby bug with the sound of your voices. its great..
love ya and glad that IKE has finally gotten off of your back. jojo

Anonymous said...

hey. I taped the season finale for my mom, so if you want it (on video) if you want to see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn--this is great, I really like it! Haven't explored that much yet, but I put it on my favorites, so I will be back!!