Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I haven't posted in awhile, not because nothing is happening but because we've been crazy busy. Busy with school, busy with G, busy with family and friends visiting, just busy in general.
Things have been happening around here. I am down to my final two semesters of graduate school, G is almost sitting up, I swear she has said Mama (we also think she has said her name and I hate you but that's just wishful hearing), and Amelia is looking for a new job. G is making so much noise now that she really thinks we are holding conversations which is so effing cute I can't stand it.

Babies are popping up everywhere around us and it is fantastic. It's nice to be in that age group now, that families are literally forming before our eyes. Beautiful baby boys and girls on their way to mommies and daddies that having been wanting them for so long! It's amazing!

Oh well, here's a pic. of G! Have a great week.


Amy Jo said...

Georgia seems to have a leg up on everyone.

shane said...

YEA!!! Can't wait to see ya'll! I'll be wearing a matching lady bug suit with lil G and teaching lil G to say nooooo! See ya on Friday. Oh, and I'm kidding about the lady bug suit! :)

Isabelle said...

What a cutie.