Sunday, February 08, 2009

Eating, Sleeping, Screaming

We've been having some major sleep issues with baby G, *read* she does not sleep unless she is sleeping on top of (Amelia), up against (Dawn), or in between A and I. It's really getting old.

We've tried everything, her sleep sheep, music, dim lights, I've even laid down next to the crib and let her stroke my hair through the bars...that seems to be her thing, so whatever, and it all has seemed to work until we attempt to leave the room.

So our friends J and M suggested we feed her a snack at night. I thought we had certainly been feeding her enough so she wouldn't be interested...boy was I wrong...after her dinner...she had snack after snack after snack and the first night it helped.

So yesterday I implemented real food, I cooked up green beans, peas, edamame, bought frozen strawberries and blueberries and fed her those throughout the afternoon and evening and guess worked but for just one night so far. Last night she was up four different times before I gave in and put her to bed with me at about 3:15 AM!!! Ughhh, I'm tired today but determined to figure this out. I think J and M hit it on the head with the feed her a snack thing so that I'll continue to do but until she sleeps...everyone think of me at 3 am...holding myself back from throwing myself off the roof.


Amy Jo said...

I'm no mother, but I do babysit my neices, 4 and 7 years old. They both get ready for bed at 7:30, I read to them and then they go to sleep, for the night. They go to bed EVERY FREAKIN NIGHT AT 7:30. It is such a pain in the ass when you want to do something with my brother and sister-in-law because the kids go to bed EVERY FREAKIN NIGHT at 7:30. Maybe a routine would help. Just a I said, "I am no mother."

LabLover said...

Well as I was reading I thought that it was working and than I got to the end. I have been meaning to e-mail you to see how things are going. I would just try to stay on the routine and hopefully she will get it. With Marissa is took about 4 days.

inquisitive said...

no roof dives, please

folkgirrl said...

I totally missed this post I realise, has the sleeping deprivation been resolved? My brother went through it with Dylan, and they learned a trick from their midwife.. before walking away completely, have a stool by the door, or further away from her where she can still see you, and everynite, move it away a little further, if she makes a sound, just let her know you are still there.. eventually, after a week or so.. she will trust you are still there, eventho she can't see you.. thats why Dylan kept crying,, he thought they left him. It worked for them.