Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The sad state of reality TV!!!

As most of you know I am a reality TV junkie...I love it all and I watch it all, dvr'd of course ;)

But recently I've noticed a truly disturbing trend amongst the shows, the parents of the "stars" and what they say to them.

Example 1: A Double Shot at Love on MTV---premise---bisexual twins try to find love among a group of straight men and lesbians. I know what you are thinking they deserve whatever they get and I agree except when it comes to their parents. When the "Ikki Twins" were down to the final three candidates for their love they met with their parents and their father actually said to them something along the lines of...what more can you be other than trophy wives!!! Can you believe that, disgusting. The twins actually cried and he said nothing!!! Bastard.

Example 2: The Girls Next Door---premise---The lives of Hugh Hefner (Playboy founder) and his three live in girlfriends have cameras follow them around day in and day out...very good show...lots of nudity, etc...I digress. In the most recent episode, Kendra, Hugh's youngest and least attractive girlfriend decides that she wants to leave the mansion and live her life, she moved in at 18 and is now she tells her mom and grandmother first. What do you think happens, they tell her she can't do it. They question her, can you write a check, can you cook, do you know how to do your laundry, have you ever done your laundry. Her mom even says, you know when you dial 0 on the phone you won't get the butler! Kendra is visibly hurt and lets them continue.

I am disgusted by these parents...who says this to their children? If any of your ever hear me say anything even remotely like this to baby G, please slap the shit out of me.


Anonymous said...

You go, my lovely feminist wife!!

folkgirrl said...

right on! Well I can't speak for the twins, cause let's be real, Im so not a thophy wife! but as for kendra,, thats so MY MOM! and my dad too, always looking on the downside of life!
You would not be like that, you would be like, well Im happy you are deciding to be on your own two feet, you can learn how to do things yourself, like laundry, and cook, and if you need help, ILL BE THERE FOR YOU!... thats what a mom says.. and thats what you would say! and Amelia can slap you, I don't slap women..