Friday, May 15, 2009

Life with a Toddler

My sweet baby G is no longer a baby, she is officially toddler G now and it feels great! I cannot believe that we were actually able to keep her alive for an entire year!!! No SIDS, or bathtub drowning, or choking on undercooked food!

She's very sweet and just laughs for the hell of it, sort of like her mama. We are working on teaching her sounds, she can say Moo for the cow sound but when I say Meow for the cat sound she just smiles. My favorite is when I say a dog says Woof Woof and she tries to imitate me but it comes out cute!

I must say I have been stressing about the language thing since everyone else's children are talking up a storm. I was so worried that at her one year appointment I sort of convinced the doctor to give her a hearing test ;) Of course toddler G was so squirmy and crying that they could only test one ear and of course that ear was fine.

OK so here is my commitment, I am going to come back to this blog once a week and post something...I promise. I bet it is making my family crazy that I have been slacking!

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Anonymous said...

Nope your family totally understands that Georgia and Amelia are the center of your world and its the way it should be. Our family has grown and changed for the better with your choices. Kids take 200% of your time and that's just fine. We have all been there and should just remember and think how we did it. I am here if you need me, just call..
I think that ya'll are GREAT parents to baby G and that she will get her words out and never be quiet again, So just hang in it will be fine..
Love ya, Jojo