Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today is the first day...

...of my last graduate school class!!!

I cannot believe it. The time really has flown by and I am feeling really torn about it. I love school and I love learning but I have not loved this program. My original plan was to get my MFA and once I was accepted at George Mason I thought it was a go. I went out to Virginia with a friend and looked for an apartment, Amelia began her search for a job but then my dad died and I deferred my acceptance. The next semester when my application was reviewed I was turned down. I was heartbroken and pretty pissed. The graduate advisor explained to me that each applicant is reviewed as a group with the other applicants and that my style of writing didn't fit in with this group as well as it had with the previous group of applicants. Defeated I applied to the Kent MLIS program and got in. I wanted so badly to get a masters degree that it didn't really matter what it was in as long as I got one.

So in about 6 weeks, August 22, I graduate from a school that I am not proud to say that I attended and from a program that I don't think very highly of...but hey I did it and it wasn't a breeze.

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