Monday, September 14, 2009

A fun filled weekend!

This weekend we celebrated our friend's purchase of a new home in Westerville by attending their house warming party. Only Toddler G and I went because Amelia wasn't feeling well...we had a great time! Toddler G was of course drawn to the water table where I let her play until she got soaked and it got dark and chilly. I was certain that everyone there was thinking what a terrible mom I was letting her get so wet on such a cold night but she was having such a great time that I couldn't drag her away. Luckily the son of the homeowner who is a few months younger than her came over and played too, so I didn't feel so bad about it after that.

Ironically the friend who bought the house is a professor at the college, in the same department, that I got my undergraduate degree from, so there were a few professors there that I recognized and spoke with...good times.

Yesterday we all went apple picking at the Granville Orchards for a friend's birthday. Toddler G had an amazing time. She ate both green and red apples right off the trees and ran around enjoying the wide open space. It was a lot of fun to watch her roam from tree to tree, smelling all the flowers, and not worrying about cars or animals or any other ways for her to get hurt. The only concern we had was the pond, which of course she immediately spotted and went for. Which is why today I am on the hunt for swimming classes for her. She is drawn to water, always wants to touch the water when the faucet is on, always wants to get into the sink when brushing her teeth. She loves it.

In fact last night she fell into the bathtub while we were filling it up for her bath. She didn't get hurt but it scared her.

Oh well, off to search for swimming lessons. Enjoy your week everyone.

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