Sunday, October 04, 2009

I've been wanting to post...

...but something is always keeping me from it. A crying toddler, dinner to be made, a diaper to be changed, a shower to be taken, shaving of the legs, etc...but mostly it's because I've been lazy...and tired. In fact I am tired right now. But here I am wanting to say what we've been up to. Alas, it's been too long and I've forgotten most of it.

But here we go.
1. We were visited by a very good friend of mine (J) and her adorable daughter (S) who live in France. J is American but married herself a Frenchman so now she's living there and I am so very jealous. Her daughter S is close enough to toddler G's age that they seemed slightly interested in each other at times. We had a wonderful time reminiscing and eating the amazing crepes that she brought for us. It was super fun having two some one's in the house that I could speak rusty French to (especially the toddler who didn't know any better!). While alone with S I pointed to every item in the house that I knew the French word for and said it to her, she just looked at me like I was nuts...but I enjoyed every minute of it. My camera was doing funky things but here's a picture of the two girls. Oh and J&S brought toddler G a beret, so cute...oui? They are both showing me that they know where their heads are.

2. I visited the camp that I worked at in Richfield, OH for a day...a long, rainy, dreary, heart breaking day. I got to see some wonderful women that I am quite fond of and catch up with campers that I haven't seen well since they were little girls. It was amazing to see them as bright and successful young women. It's much too long of a story to post here about what is happening with the camp but let's just say that it's being run by morons and they are allowing civilization to creep in and take over. I am utterly speechless about the entire thing but I was happy to be able to say goodbye to places that meant so much to me. The boat house where I slept under the stars for the first time, the pool where I took my swimming test to go white water rafting, the tent unit where I spilled so many secrets, the barn where I had my first sighting of actual death, the camp itself was my world for many summers and I'll be sad if it disappears but happy that I was able to be a part of its history for so many others and their memories of what made it what it was. As I said above my camera was acting up and it was pouring but here's one of the tent site that we hung out in...Far Away Pines

3. And I guess the final big piece of news is that my family was finally able to go bury my father's ashes in West Virginia with the rest of his family. My mom and two sisters went but I decided not to go. It was a combination of having spent the previous day in pouring rain, the thought of driving 4 hours by myself with toddler G, and the fact that I could have cared less that kept me away. The good part of the whole thing is that my sister, Joann, who hadn't yet seen toddler G or our house got a chance to do that during her trip. The other good part...the bastard is gone, no longer living in a drawer in my guest room. I am so happy to be free of all of it. In fact I'd be happy if no one ever brought up my father to me again.

Needless to say, it was quite a month!

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Anonymous said...

I loved your house and my niece is just as cute as her momma was at that age. the trip was long but great. I also enjoyed the time with Amelia although she was wiped out.
Love ya'll Jojo