Wednesday, December 09, 2009

19 Months old

I know this post should come with pictures but alas I'm too lazy to upload them and put them on. I cannot believe that toddler G is exactly 19 months old today, that's closer to 2 than 1 you do realize!

She's the love of my life, which I think I've said here before. People always say that she looks just like me but I don't see it. I do see a lot of myself in her...for example it takes a lot, A LOT, I mean a hell of a lot of work to make me laugh and toddler G is the same way. She can't stand to be loved on in the morning, nor can I. She can seem indifferent as do I a lot of the time...really I'm just not saying what I'm thinking or feeling. My OCD is running through her veins too, she only plays with balls of a certain color each time she plays with them...she also has this routine of touching and kissing the railings by her room pretty much every time we go's nuts as am I!

Two super cute things she is doing right now is that when she's upset or sleepy she'll take your hand and take you up to her room and stand in front of the rocking chair so that she can be rocked to sleep. When upset, if picked up she pats your arm or back as you are patting hers. I bet a ton of kids do that but it's so sweet. GRRRR I just wanna eat her face off!

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