Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today at work I really, really, really wanted to buy some Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips. I not only wanted them but I NEEDED them...but the only ones are in our cafeteria at the Hill...and of course there was a fucking meeting going on in the cafeteria so I could have waltzed in and gotten some in front of about 40 people , who undoubtebly would have been thinking...she does not need those or I want some of those...or I could just wait...I chose to wait.

So I waited until the meeting was over, got my wallet out and realized I only had a ten dollar bill..after asking around, Chelsea gave me nine bucks for my ten becasue I was desperate for the chips and didn't care that she didn't have all ten for I went to the vending machine, put in my dollar bill and pushed the numbers 122 for the chips and what did the mother fucker say? It said invalid entry...what bitch are you I looked at the chips and looked at the number below sho' nuf was i typed 122 and it said invalid I put my dollar in the change machine got 3 quarters and ass loads of nickels and tried again with exact change...75 cents and that mother fucker still wouldn't give me the I sucked it up and got

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lloyd says its F5 at comp and it always has the best stuff. Good