Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I have never made a New Year's resolution because I believe that when (and 99% of the time it's when) you fail you will be so disappointed in yourself and I just can't do that to myself. Alas, I have given in and made not only one but two New Year's Resolutions. I thought maybe if I wrote them on here...someone might call me on my shit if they see me screwing up :)
So here they are.
1. I will decide and make some sort of progress on Graduate School. I will decide what I would like to get my masters in, I will pick the schools I like, and I will decide when to apply or I will apply.
2. and of course, I vow, vow, vow to lose least 20 lbs. I think 20 lbs. is attainable...and not crazy. If I lose more, well then Hallelujah but if I lose 20 lbs. I will be happy. The reason that I have decided to lose weight is because I was recently asked to be a bride's maid in my friend Megan's wedding.
There it is...It's out there for all to see.
Here we go!

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