Sunday, February 25, 2007

Busy Bees

This was quite the busy weekend. Today is one of my oldest friends birthdays, she celebrating her 29th for the third time and it was quite the event. We went to a party at her place on Saturday night, got a little drunk, ate some great food and in general had a really good time. Amelia and I tend to avoid parties with these particular friends because it seems like everyone they invite includes a ton of my exes. It's quite frightening to run into exes out in public but to spend an extended period of time with them in a small house, not my idea of fun. But I did my best to avoid so it turned out ok. This morning the party continued, we went to Color Your World in Easton to paint out own pottery. I am fairly crafty, artsy, etc... so for me this was a good time. This evening we are having pot roast (MY FAVORITE) , stuffing, rolls, and veggies for dinner! Wow, what a great week-end! *despite the exes :)*

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Anonymous said...

sweetie none of your exes were at the party glad you came anyhow
love you