Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A meme

I got tagged today to complete TWO memes so here's one of them...

5 Things in/on my Nightstand-
Three books
(1) Never Let Me Go
(2) Electric Michaelangelo
(3) Mary Poppins She Wrote: The Life of P.L. Travers
a pen
a really cute picture that Amelia's nephew Ethan drew a few years ago

5 things in my closet -
my shoes for the wedding I am in come September (they are still in the box)
a whip (don't ask)
a bustier to go with the whip (all a joke but in my closet nonetheless)
tons of empty hangers
jar of love letters that I have received over the years

5 things in my fridge -
Green olives
Girl Scout Cookies
Honey Brown beer
Coke of course ;)

5 things in my car –
Amelia's nifty electronic navigator
Snow sleds
A first aid kit
tons of cd's (all that I own I think)
my coat which I will be pissed about in the morning.

5things in my purse/wallet/bag -
First of all I don't carry a purse but in my bag
cell phone
notebook for writing ideas

I've never tagged anyone before I am tagging Kristine, Beth, and Paul! Come on it will be fun ;)

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