Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I have been too lazy, too sick, and too busy...

to blog...

All of the above...true!

Here's the lowdown on The Woodward-Thompson household...
1. Amelia is crazy happy at her job and because of that I am crazy happy for her :)
2. Our littlest kitten Charlotte got spayed today so hopefully her ADHD ass will calm down.
3. I cashed in my Valentine's Day gift today, an hour long massage with our masseuse Kitty Temple, weird name but great hands.
4. Amelia and I both have been sick on and off for the past few weeks, I think we just keep passing it back and forth to each other...we need to Lysol this whole damn house!
5. Amelia and I are thinking of taking a trip to the Caribbean in July. A favorite camper
(Hi Laura) of mine when I worked with the Girl Scouts is now in the Peace Corps and she has invited us and I don't' think we can say no. She is doing some really great things there and I would love to see her in her element.
6. This past Saturday the girls, Megan (the bride), Alyson, Crystal, Karen, and I (the bridesmaids) all got our dresses for the September wedding...and we look great if I do say so myself ;)
7. I finally got up the nerve to e-mail the Holocaust Museum in DC about my dad's freaky deaky Nazi stuff, I am going to try to donate it anonymously...mostly because I don't want to be associated with it and I don't want anyone to simply believe he was a collector...this was not a collection, so if anyone wants one last look before they are gone, let me know.
8. My contract at work is about to expire on March 31st...not much to say about it.
9. I have applied to one graduate program (because it has weird deadlines I had to do it now or wait until January) The Masters of Library Science Program at Kent State, they hold the classes on OSU's campus.
10. Tomorrow Amelia goes to court for the third time where she is the only attorney to talk and she is pumped...I'm sure she'll win!
11. Amelia and I are also thinking of taking a short 4 day road trip to Ann Arbor for no other reason than we can drive there in just a few hours and we've never spent time there.
12. Work is crazy right now, my latest project took forever and I finally finished it today...thank the goddess!
13. Amelia and I are also ready to use our Christmas gift from her parents Joe and Sue...they got us spinning classes (STOP LAUGHING) no I am not athletic and no I do not enjoy working out but for Joe and Sue, I'll do it and I WILL LIKE IT!
14. Loralei and Christopher broke up! ;) HALLELUJAH :)

That's about it...peace out peeps

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