Friday, March 09, 2007

a would be NUN

Sometimes I get on these kicks where I am completely and utterly interested in certain groups of people, in college it was the Amish, before that it was Native Americans, after that it was the Eskimo...and since I can remember my long lasting infatuation has been with clergy, particularly NUNS... I have no idea why but I am crazy for nuns. I've always been so sad that I'd have to convert to be a nun (I'm fairly certain you must be Catholic and alas I am a non practicing Southern Baptist)...there are so many other reasons that I could never be a nun, but one of the reasons is that you must be completely debt free in order to enter the convent, it is a requirement of Canon Law and me I'm the farthest thing from debt I cannot be Sister Dawn but I came across a blog (via the Columbus Dispatch) that I believe is totally legit...this woman needs to pay off her student loans, only about a grand left, in order to get into the convent. She is even willing to provide letters from the vocation directors and spiritual leaders of the Salesian Sisters, she can also provide the cell number for the director of the nunnery (is that a word?) If you can I think you should check out her story and her blog and if you can maybe donate to her cause. Here's the link...


Brittany said...

Wow. Thanks for the promo! I really appreciate it!

You found out about me via the Columbus Dispatch or Sr Julie's Blog?!

Im amazed at where I keep popping up on the internet!

Brittany said...

I just wanted to let you know that with everyone's support we managed to raise enough money to pay off my student loan!!!!

Thank you so much for the help!