Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Deven Elise

Our friends Jen and Mandy are having their first child. This past Sunday we went to their baby shower and had a wonderful time.

Here's their gifts all wrapped up...let's see from the top: this box is the baby booties I made...the next is a burp cloth that I found online that said PEAS OUT! The third package is a book for people raising daughters about great books for girls. The next one down is a magnet for their cars that says Princess On Board (that was more of a joke gift)...the next one down is another book called Great With Child: Letters to a Young Mother...I heard this book was a must have for new moms...and let's see the bottom package was a chenille/pink paisley/butterfly bib that I got on in general all things that I thought the new moms might love!

The party was a damn good time...good friends, AMAZING food, and perfect weather.

These are the booties that I made...sorry about the picture :)

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Jen said...

the books are great - currently i'm alternating between the two of them since i couldn't decide which to read first! thanks for coming on sunday and being such amazing friends, despite the 27 hours we spent lost in the blue ridge mountains! :)