Thursday, April 26, 2007


When I started this blog, I had the best of intentions. My initial intention was to keep our families updated on what was going on with us on a regular basis. I also wanted to use this blog as a way of journaling what was happening on the creative/crafty/writing aspects of my life. I have not been doing that. I am too distracted with other things that I need to find some direction.
I am on hold as of now with the grad. school thing as I am waiting to hear if I got into the MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science) program or if I need to make a new plan for myself. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I got in because of my lack of a back up plan. I didn't apply anywhere else! NOWHERE! Again I applied nowhere as of now my fate is riding on this one program...all I know is that I am and have always been crazy for books.
So I'd like to do more with books and paper.
So from now on I intend to post those types of things, with the occasional side blog of the ridiculous happenings in the world.
Consider this blog a steak with a side of craftiness and writing.

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