Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

So over on Bella Dia a new meme has just been started. It is called the Encyclopedia of Me Meme based on Amy Rosenthal's (whom I love) book Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. I have decided to participate because this is a very exciting time in my life. I have officially owned a house for one year now, I work full time for a huge publisher, I am doing some freelance writing, I am in an MLIS program at Kent State, and for me the biggest thing is that we are trying to have a baby. In one week, we can officially be tested so keep your fingers crossed! So this will be daily (fingers crossed) blog entries, and I'll post something new A-Z about my life. This exercise is more for me so if you get bored, well tough ;)

So here goes:

A is for: Amelia! Well that was an easy one :) I met Amelia at a Superbowl party nearly 7 years ago. We pretty much never left each other's side from that moment on. Our first date was at Shadowbox Cabaret at Easton. I was originally offended by it because it seemed too loud for a first date and I wanted to talk but in the end it was a great time. Amelia had washed and vacuumed her car for our date...she was very sweet. So A is definitely for Amelia

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Isabelle said...

You work as a writer and editor and that's boring? It sounds as if it should be great - what a shame.

I do all my blogreading at home, in my own time. Well, most of it.As an alternative to work, I can see it would be excellent.

I don't actually know what either mint juleps or sassafras tea is. Well, drinks, obviously. But not drinks we get here, I don't think.

Thanks for your comment.