Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So I recently installed Site Meter on this blog for fun...I was interested in seeing how many hits, and from whom and where they were coming. These were the most interesting ones this week...pretty damn funny. It's insane that I can see exactly what someone searched for!

Beverly Hills, CA---via Google search for bling bling + mint julep cups
Texas---via Google search for Minty Tea + liposuction + facelift
Nova Scotia---via MSN search Dawn and Condoms and Fellatio (what the hell? I don't know how they got me on that one)
Romania---via Yahoo search "anal probing" (again what the fuck?)
Edinburgh---via Google search Ohio + labia laws (I don't even know what that could possibly be)

and my favorite...
New Delhi---via Google search "is mints bad for sperms?" ahhhhh priceless


inquisitive said...

OMG, I laughed really HARD (har har)at this post too. I love you D, you make me laugh!

Susan said...

Hey, How's it going? Loved your post! How do you install Sitemeter? MOM

Sheeps Clothing said...

Oh that's funny!!
Labia laws? Don't think I'd want to be in charge of enforcing those....