Friday, October 05, 2007

What are babies good for anyways...geez!

So this pregnancy is kicking my ass. I feel sick from the time I wake up until I go to bed. I’ve been feeling so depressed since I don’t think about anything all day long except going to bed so that I’m unaware that my stomach is still hurting.

But on the upswing, I had an, as Oprah would say, ah-ha moment today. Since I’m way too old to trick or treat, starting next Halloween I will have a reason to go door to door filling up bags with candy that I didn’t buy…awwwww I felt about a 10 second sense of calmness just thinking that thought.

Ah, I love Halloween


inquisitive said...

Right on! Can I go too? Plus, you can show the baby your nerds and pixie stick chaser trick ; )

Channa said...

Wheres the echo... I love halloween too!! Im going to a halloween party! check it out!

Jen said...

AND i love moonglow pumpkins!