Monday, December 10, 2007


You guys are always getting excuses from me as to why I haven't posted and that was what I planned on doing here but I've changed my mind. I am as busy as ever, but finally in the last week of the semester and planning a week of posts, including photos and explanations of our favorite ornaments from our tree.

But first I thought until next week...I'd leave you with a few really cool sites that you can go to and spend a little time looking at.

The Anne Frank tree---the Chestnut tree that Anne Frank speaks of in her diary is dying from some sort of tree disease and a ton of groups have gotten together to try to save it...go here to donate or just read the story...very interesting. You can leave your email address on a leaf in the tree (or search others leaves) based on a quality you believe in like freedom, happiness, or goodness. Try to find mine :)

Better World---Buy books here, they are all sold to fund literacy. Shipping in the US is always free and just $2.95 for out of the country.

and I've seen this...
on a few blogs and really like it, I've been meaning to fill it out and put it on here but haven't had the chance. Maybe you guys can start it and I'll be motivated to join you.


IncogKnito said...

I really want to do the meme, but I know it'll take a bit of time. Soon!! Hopefully, I'll be the first among your friends to complete it! :)

precarious tomato said...

Hi Dawn!

I only knew to call ahead to pediatricians because the pregnancy book I have suggested it. When I called, the office people I spoke to at all the offices seemed pretty used to the idea of parents-to-be coming in to talk to the doctors. The doctor had a little shpiel about stuff like his background, specialties, and what his office did about sick calls during non-office hours and how often we'd need to see him during the first six months. Stuff like that. He also gave us a little booklet about newborn care, and the office visit didn't cost us anything.

I Googled "pediatrician questions" and looked at a couple of lists to find out the kinds of questions I should ask so I didn't just go in there feeling stupid. But don't worry, apparently it's a very common for pregnant women to do, and I'd never heard of it, either.

I hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so now it's almost christmas and still no belly, room, extended (animal) pictures. WHERE is Bridgy, Max, Raven, and Charlotte.
I know for a fact that they get into everything at this time of year send us a good story that really drives you nuts. I miss your posts.Love ya jojo

daysgoby said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours from Nova Scotia!