Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Long Time No See

I promised I'd be better about posting here but it hasn't happened. Since I've been away not much has happened around here except for Christmas and New Years, oh and on Friday I'll be more 21 weeks pregnant and on the 9th of the month we find out the sex...woohoo :)

My friend P and his wife C just found out they are having a little boy and I am so excited for them...Congrats!

I promised pictures of our tree, etc...and of course didn't do that either, if there is still anyone out there hoping to read this blog I will get better...I won't promise but I will promise to try...and although its late I promised a picture of the tree and here it is:

This is our tree, topped off by our beautiful snow angel


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Jen said...

yay for tree pics. :)

Anonymous said...

where's charlotte's head at?jo