Thursday, August 14, 2008

At Last

Things feel like they are finally starting to fall into place for us. Baby G is cooing and attempting to hold up her own head...I know at 3 months a lot of kids are doing this but believe me she has a BIG head so give her a break OK!

In other news I start my final (fingers crossed) year of my grad. program the last week of this month and I am actually looking forward to it. I've finally moved on to the classes that I am interested in so it should be a lot of fun for me. We've worked out a plan with a great friend for watching Baby G while I am in class one afternoon a week and Amelia will watch her the two evenings that I have classes...all will be fine as soon as I am comfy leaving her. I've been with her everyday since she was born so I suspect it won't be easy but I'm doing it for our family so it must be done.

I have a couple other things under way that I am looking forward to working on as things should be good.

Oh well, on to the cuteness! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Good luck and a great day to post it. love ya jojo

Jen said...

now you're hitting your stride...yes! so happy for you guys!