Friday, August 08, 2008

Nothing at all to do with the baby!

Now isn't that a catchy title...LOL!

We recently (in June) got DVR...and I'm not as crazy for it as I had expected that I'd be. I am grateful that when a show I watch religiously, Big Brother (stop laughing), is moved back to 2am and there is no way in hell that I can stay awake to watch it, that it can be taped and viewed by me at any time, or when Baby G (oops I wasn't going to mention her) starts crying and won't stop, it's lovely to be able to pause any old show and restart it when she calms down...otherwise I could do without it. But I've been watching shit I'd never usually watch, for instance National Lampoon's Van Wilder, Tara Reid is in this movie for Christ's sake!

With that that I am home I find myself DVRing shows and watching them as I feed Georgia and am tied to the couch for a good half an hour to forty five minutes. I've never been a fan of soaps so this is a god send for me! For instance I've never ever had the desire to watch Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations...mostly because he insists on eating crap that I can't imagine eating, much less watching someone else eat. I do find foodie shows very interesting although I'm probably the furthest thing from a foodie, I eat but I don't much cook. I love to go out but I always get the same damn thing...#'s 153 or 141 from El Vaquero please.

But this particular Anthony Bourdain caught my attention, he wasn't coming to us from some deserted island, or from a South American jungle, nope he was coming straight to us from good ol' South Carolina. I was excited to see what would happen, what he would eat and it brought back some good memories for me.

As most of you know I was born and raised in Georgia which is a world away from where I am right now but I do remember the food from this region of our country. I was given Coca-Cola (to be a proper Southern Belle you must use the whole name, and run it together, Cocola) in my bottle as a baby and am as addicted to it today as I ever was. Anthony Bourdain found himself eating boiled peanuts, which I love! When Amelia and I took a trip to GA we saw a man boiling peanuts on the side of the road and I just had to have some. Amelia tried them and thought the were the most slimy disgusting things in the world but I love them. Anthony Bourdain seemed to like them too...they are quite tasty. One thing that I had completely forgotten about was Coca-Cola cake...I had this a lot as a girl and remember it being thick like a brownie with the aftertaste of a good coke burp (sorry for that, it wasn't very lady like of me a'tall!) But it's the truth. If you ever get the chance to try this cake, and I wouldn't recommend trying it anywhere but in the deep south, you must have it! I don't miss much from GA, god knows it was hell when I was a kid there and hell the last time I was there...and that was the last time, but I sure do miss being able to walk out into the backyard and pick a peach from the tree or gather pecans that weren't already shelled for you. It was paradise for this little girl and thanks to Anthony Bourdain for making me remember the good times.

If you must insist on trying to make this cake on your own, here's the link to the recipe taken from the Coca-Cola site! If you feel the need to look around on there you'll find other great recipes; Southern Belle Salad, Coca-Cola Chicken, and Cherry Coke Ham...yummy!


Mary Ann said...

Hey Dawn...when are you going to make this Coca-Cola cake for your good friends Amy & Mary Ann?

Anonymous said...

you just think it was coke in your bottle. thanks for the memories. love ya jojo