Monday, August 04, 2008

Full Time Mama

So many things have changed over the last week or so.

I found out from a friend, who feels guilty but shouldn't, that I was not having my contract renewed at my job...and that was later confirmed by my boss, so here I was jobless and insuranceless with a brand new baby and so pissed about it. But things have turned around for the better. We've decided that yes it's going to be hard but we had always wanted for me to stay at home with her while Amelia worked. We don't have a ton saved but we have some...and I will be collecting unemployment which my company now offers to contract employees.

The new plan is that I will stay with Baby G during the day and pass on all of my great wisdom to her and finish up my grad. program in a more timely manner than we originally thought. I sort of was planning on taking three years to do this program but now I will be able to finish it up in the two years that it should really take. I've never expected that to be possible for me but it finally is. I think we will be living in sacrifice city for awhile, meaning probably no Key West for Christmas but that's OK with us if it means that Baby G will get to have one of her moms around full time for at least the first year of her life.

Ironically the job that laid me off just sent me an offer today to pass my name along to another branch of the company and it was hard but I said no thanks. I feel like I was sort of handed my pink slip and a golden ticket all at the same time...this will probably be my only chance to do this, to be with our daughter all day everyday and I don't want to miss out on anything.

So wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed that we survive...I could stand to lose a few pounds so maybe I'll eat a little less but will be filled up with Baby G's laughs and attempted smiles.


Jen said...

woo hoo - way to seize the opportunity and run with it!

Anonymous said...

Blessing hit us in many ways and to finish school to boot spending the year at home, Very well worth it.
Great call. Love ya'll...Jojo

daysgoby said...

What great pictures! She's so beautiful!

Enjoy your time - but don't beat yourself up if you decide you'd like to go back to work sometime through it - if you've been working for awhile, switching to full time stay-at-home can be a real shock to the system!!

shane said...

Ya'll will survive. Ya'll have friends and family who love ya and are here for support, hugs and diaper changes!